Domestic Animals Processing

Animals Processed

The domestic animals which we process mainly include: beef, hogs, lambs, & goats.

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Scheduling an Animal

All domestic animals need to be scheduled by appointment (Please call in advance of your desired slaughter date).

All animals are to be slaughtered under inspection by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

All slaughter days will be held on Mondays and Fridays except on major holidays and during the months of November and December, due to deer season.

Pricing for Beef

Slaughter Fee—$40.00

Disposal Fee—$5.00

Double Plastic Shrink Wrap Packaging—$.80/pound of carcass weight

Vacuum Packing—$.95/pound of carcass weight

Tenderizing Fee—$12/whole beef

*Example- Carcass weight-600 lb x .80= $480.00

Slaughter and disposal fee= $45.00

Tenderize Fee=$12.00

Total Cost=$537.00

*Note-Carcass weights of animals is approximately 55-60% of the animals live weight.

Example-live weight is 1100 x (.55-.60)=carcass weight of animal will be between 605-660 lbs.

**Any beef requested to hang over 17 days will be charged $5/day extra.

Cutting Sheets

Beef Cutting Sheet

Pork Cutting Sheet